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Select the right tile trim

April 1, 2010

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Tile trims have been in use for a long time and are widely used to enhance the aesthetics of the tiled area. Trims are generally used on external corners to protect the external edges of tiles from damage. Therefore, trims can not only be used to give a professional and finished look to the tiles but can also be used to enhance their durability.

Tile trims are available in a wide variety of finishes such as plastic, matte, silk and glossy. You can either select a trim that blends in with the theme of your bathroom and kitchen, or you can select one that is in complete contrast. Further, trims are also available in various profile shapes such as round edged, straight edged and square edged. Your selection of the tile trim to use will depend on various factors such as the tiled area, size of the tiles and the color and design theme of the tiled area.

Trim, seal and enhance, tile trim, tile seal, enhance, edge, homelux usa, homelux uk, Metal Trim, tile trim,

Matching of the trim and the tile grout is important to ensure a consistent look throughout the entire tiled area. The color of grout used by most people is generally white or in related shades. In case you are considering a different colored grout make sure that your choice of tile trim matches with it.

The main use of trims on floors is to provide an effective transition of the tiles into the adjacent floor covering, such as hardwood or carpet. You can even use a sloped trim in case there is a height difference between the tiled floor and the adjacent floor. One essential factor to consider while selecting floor tile trims is that there should be no extra space for the dust to accumulate. It is for this reason that a trim with a cove shaped base is generally preferred when it comes to selecting a trim for floor tiles.

Tile trims are also ideal for use on countertops to form a waterproof and aesthetically pleasing assembly. You can easily find specific tile trims for areas under the sink, sink rails as well as countertop transitions. Tile trims in such areas will ensure that there no open spaces around the tiles for dirt and food to accumulate.

After selecting the tile trim you wish to use in your tiled area, it is essential to install it properly. Cutting trims the right way is essential to create a finished and professional look. Therefore, it is important to use a specialist’s tool to cut the trims in an accurate and precise manner. Next, you should properly clean the surface before installing the trim to ensure that there is no dust or impurity present. Finally, installing the trim in a perfect straight line is important for the final look of the tiled area.

Although the use of a tile trim is optional, it is highly recommended to use it in order to enhance the aesthetics as well as functionality of the tiled area. You would be able to make a better decision regarding the tile trim to use after inspecting the tiles that you are going to use.

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