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The most effective way of achieving a lippage free floor

March 29, 2010

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Marble and stone flooring are widely used by people to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their house. While installing marbles or stones on the floor and on the walls a common problem faced by many is that of lippage.  Lippage refers to a situation where adjacent marble or stone tiles are not on the same level. This uneven surface level brings about an irregular finish, thereby affecting the aesthetics of the house.  Further, marble tiles that are not evenly laid out are more likely to crack.

It is always better to eliminate the problem of lippage while laying out a tile or a stone floor to prevent any expenses on repairs later.  In case of a marble floor, eliminating lippage would require extensive grinding, which would consume a lot of your time and money.  Further, you would be required to polish the marble once the grinding work has been completed.

To avoid this problem one needs to take care of lippage at the time of laying out the floor.  If you are facing the problem of lippage, the ‘Tuscan Leveling System’ can help you.  This is a revolutionary product that can help you lay out a lippage free stone or tile floor in a convenient and affordable manner. By using the Tuscan Leveling System you will be able to ensure that there is no settling from shrinkage, thereby eliminating the need to re-lift the tiles in order to level them.  The easy to use mechanism of Tuscan Leveling System is so convenient that one does not need to hire external help to fix the problem. This further helps in reducing your repair costs.

tile, leveling, lippage, stone, marble, grout, ceramic, floor, flat, surfaces, granite, spacers, slab, stone, installation

A major factor that produces lippage is the spacing or the grout joint between the tiles. A narrow grout joint significantly accentuates lippage; it is therefore advisable not to keep the grout joints too close to each other. The Tuscan Leveling System straps will automatically create a grout joint of 1/32”, and will ensure that the problem of lippage does not occur due to grout spacing. Further, the Tuscan Leveling System is highly flexible and can be used along with all common spacers. This ensures that you are able to set stones and tiles in an even manner and with the desired distance between them.

When you are installing tiles that are significantly larger in size the chance of lippage increases.  The Tuscan Leveling system works ideally with tiles that are 12 inches or more, thereby ensuring that you easily and conveniently are able to use large tiles without worrying about lippage.  Although lippage is not a very serious problem and can be fixed, it is still recommended to eliminate it during the initial stages to avoid any troubles later.  It is for this reason that products such as the Tuscan Leveling system are constantly gaining popularity.  Not only does the Tuscan Leveling System eliminate lippage, but it also reduces the installation time significantly,  ensuring high utility and value for money.

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  1. Just want to say your blog is kinda awesome. I always like to hear something new about this because I have the similar blog in my Country on this subject so this help′s me a lot. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for sharing so much in your blog..

  2. Its worth reading and i am delight to know about your common problem faced by us that of lippage. few tips regarding by lipping gonna help

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