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Select the right contractor for your home improvement project

March 24, 2010

If you are planning to make renovations to your house, you need to be careful while selecting the contractor for the job.  A hasty decision in such a situation can lead to extra repair or maintenance expenses.

Although there is no dearth of contractors, you need to select the one who can fulfill your specific requirements, just the way you desire.  Before finalizing a contractor you need to take into consideration some important factors.

Though you may find numerous listings of contractors in the yellow pages or on the internet,  it would be advisable to do some reference checks by consulting your friends or relatives who may have got their homes renovated.  If you are unable to find any recommendations from your family or friends  you can resort to any of the contractor referral service websites on the internet.  Selecting the right contractor is highly crucial, since only a well experienced contractor will be able to execute your home renovation project with perfection.

Once you have shortlisted the contractors, it is advisable to do some reference checks from their previous clients; getting a background on the kind of work they have done will give you a clear insight on the quality & skill of their work.  You will also be able to assess whether the contractor understands your requirements or not.

Checking the credentials of the contractor is an important step and should not be overlooked.  You can contact your state’s licensing agency to determine the validation of the certificates and licenses held by the contractor.  Another important aspect that you should look for is the liability insurance coverage held by the contractor.  Carrying adequate general Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance is essential to avoid unnecessary claims of negligence arising against you.

Get estimates and compare contractors on the basis of what they are charging for your particular project. However, one word of caution to people who want to select contractors solely on the basis of their price; a low priced estimate could be due to the fact that the contractor uses low quality material to complete a job.  Although such a deal will cost you less it is generally not recommended to opt for it.

Finally, after you have shortlisted and finalized a contractor you should get all the agreements in writing.  Carefully review this written document and sign the contract only if everything is satisfactory.  A contract should contain various details such as the starting and completion date of the project, the payment terms, detailed job specifications as well as a ‘right to cancel’ clause that would allow you to cancel the contract within a specified period of time in case you are not satisfied.

Although the task of short listing and selecting a contractor for your home renovation project can be quite complex, by following the above mentioned points you will definitely be able to select a contractor who will execute your home improvement project as per your requirements for the best price.

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