The most effective way of achieving a lippage free floor

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Marble and stone flooring are widely used by people to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their house. While installing marbles or stones on the floor and on the walls a common problem faced by many is that of lippage.  Lippage refers to a situation where adjacent marble or stone tiles are not on the same level. This uneven surface level brings about an irregular finish, thereby affecting the aesthetics of the house.  Further, marble tiles that are not evenly laid out are more likely to crack.

It is always better to eliminate the problem of lippage while laying out a tile or a stone floor to prevent any expenses on repairs later.  In case of a marble floor, eliminating lippage would require extensive grinding, which would consume a lot of your time and money.  Further, you would be required to polish the marble once the grinding work has been completed.

To avoid this problem one needs to take care of lippage at the time of laying out the floor.  If you are facing the problem of lippage, the ‘Tuscan Leveling System’ can help you.  This is a revolutionary product that can help you lay out a lippage free stone or tile floor in a convenient and affordable manner. By using the Tuscan Leveling System you will be able to ensure that there is no settling from shrinkage, thereby eliminating the need to re-lift the tiles in order to level them.  The easy to use mechanism of Tuscan Leveling System is so convenient that one does not need to hire external help to fix the problem. This further helps in reducing your repair costs.

tile, leveling, lippage, stone, marble, grout, ceramic, floor, flat, surfaces, granite, spacers, slab, stone, installation

A major factor that produces lippage is the spacing or the grout joint between the tiles. A narrow grout joint significantly accentuates lippage; it is therefore advisable not to keep the grout joints too close to each other. The Tuscan Leveling System straps will automatically create a grout joint of 1/32”, and will ensure that the problem of lippage does not occur due to grout spacing. Further, the Tuscan Leveling System is highly flexible and can be used along with all common spacers. This ensures that you are able to set stones and tiles in an even manner and with the desired distance between them.

When you are installing tiles that are significantly larger in size the chance of lippage increases.  The Tuscan Leveling system works ideally with tiles that are 12 inches or more, thereby ensuring that you easily and conveniently are able to use large tiles without worrying about lippage.  Although lippage is not a very serious problem and can be fixed, it is still recommended to eliminate it during the initial stages to avoid any troubles later.  It is for this reason that products such as the Tuscan Leveling system are constantly gaining popularity.  Not only does the Tuscan Leveling System eliminate lippage, but it also reduces the installation time significantly,  ensuring high utility and value for money.

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Happy Passover and Happy Easter

The first night of Passover is Monday evening March 29th, until the following night on March 30th. Easter is on Sunday, April 4th.

Easter is the only Christian holiday whose date is fixed by the lunar calendar (like all Jewish and Muslim holidays), therefore it’s always falls near Passover.  The name for Easter in Greek, paska, literally means Passover.

I would like to take this opportunity and wish all my Christian and Jewish customers and friends Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

And for those non Jewish or Christian, have a good long weekend LOL!!

The Team

How to improve the effectiveness of your hardwood flooring

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Most people are opting for hardwood flooring over traditional wall to wall carpeting due to the various benefits offered by it. Some of the advantages of hardwood flooring include its longevity, easy to clean nature and its aesthetic appeal. Further, due to the longevity of hardwood flooring, the resale value of your house will also increase significantly.

Apart from the numerous benefits that are offered by hardwood flooring, you can take a few steps on your own to enhance its effectiveness. One of the first steps that you can take in order to ensure maximum effectiveness out of your hardwood flooring is to install it properly. There are numerous methods through which you can install a hardwood floor such as nailing or gluing it. It is always beneficial to consult an expert to get an idea about the best way to install hardwood flooring in your house.

Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, red oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products, Transition molding pieces

Hardwood floors have a natural warm and cozy look, and wood is an effective insulator. You can further enhance the insulation properties of your hardwood floor by taking two steps; adding extra insulation and installing a floor heating system. Extra insulation can be added in the form of wool, cellulose, wood fiber boards and plant fiber boards. An extra layer of insulation will ensure that heat does not escape from the floor, thereby keeping it warm and cozy. You can also opt for an effective under-floor heating system to enhance the insulation properties of your hardwood flooring. An under-floor heating system will further enable you to save on your energy bills by not only heating the floor but the entire room as well. This will let you turn down your main thermostat a few degrees, thereby resulting in significant savings on electricity.

Regular cleaning and shining of your hardwood flooring will enhance the longevity of your hardwood flooring. You can use high quality varnish or vinegar regularly to shine your hardwood floor and to ensure that it remains shiny and smooth all year round.

Protecting your hardwood flooring from direct sunlight and denting is essential to keep it looking attractive for a long period of time. Portions of your hardwood floor that are exposed to direct sunlight will get discolored easily, in order to avoid discoloration you will need to keep your curtains closed or place a rug over such areas. In order to avoid denting on the floor you will need to provide padding under heavy furniture; also, you must avoid dragging objects over hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, red oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products, Transition molding pieces

Finally, moisture is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors and excess exposure to it can lead to serious mold problems; for this reason, applying a waterproofing chemical is necessary, especially in areas where exposure to moisture is unavoidable.

Although hardwood floors are aesthetically attractive and long lasting, they require constant care and maintenance. By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to ensure that your hardwood flooring remains attractive & strong for a long time to come.

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Ready To Tile Shelves Bear Everything

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

One of the most personal spaces in your home is your bathroom. Here you can spend some quality time and feel completely relaxed.  Bathroom accessories can go a long way in helping you to provide an elegant appeal to your shower.  The ready to tile shelves have emerged as one of the most fascinating bathroom accessories which fit easily into your shower to create an organized look. You can customize the shelves as per your requirement to create a magnificent blend.

With a rapid increase in the exciting range of shower products, you surely need some extra space in your bathroom. The shelves serve this purpose perfectly as they are designed to offer you sufficient space.  The shelves allow you to store all your favorite shower stuff in one place.  The shelves can blend perfectly with your surrounding walls and create an effect which is simply beyond words. The shower seats can also be an interesting addition to your shower which will help you give yourself a royal treatment while bathing.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

The shower shelves have evolved as one of the most effective tools for managing space in your shower and lend a fresh and bright appearance to it. The shelves can be easily installed in your shower and blend perfectly with the interiors. The shelves can be used for storing your shower stuff and also for enjoying an extended session in the shower. Available in a variety of materials these seats and shelves are perfectly suitable for your shower and will add a new dimension to your bathroom.

The shower shelves have a tremendous load bearing capacity and can withstand heavy weights. This means you can  sit on your shower shelf and enjoy a relaxed shower without having to worry about your safety. This capability is achieved through the engineering of shear force instead of tension loading. The shower benches can be easily installed in your shower area to enjoy an uninterrupted experience. The benches and shelves are very user friendly and do not require any additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement. Following proper installation procedures will ensure that the shelves are fixed in the best possible manner.

The shower seats are also a great addition for your bathroom as they can add an element of elegance to your bathroom. The shower seats will offer you a personal seating space in the bathroom and help you to rejuvenate yourself. These seats are also very helpful for physically challenged people as they can sit comfortably on them. The seats are designed to be water resistant which makes them anti corrosive and saves you the hassles of water proofing. The seats are generally made from granite and marble and a few also have marble flooring on the top. A few seats may also have ceramic tiles on the top.  It is important to ensure that you use only certified chemicals to clean the seats.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Unlike the traditional shower seats which required hours to install, modern seats can be installed in a matter of no time. The present shower benches come with a one piece frame that can be installed easily with the help of fasteners which are supplied with it. This eliminates the need for any structural reinforcement and makes installation very simple. The high density Polystyrene shower seats are also gaining in popularity today.  These seats are extremely light weight and can be installed without any hassles. Proper care of the shower seats will enhance their life and ensure that you enjoy a comfortable shower.

Choosing the perfect accessories and following the proper installation techniques will help you create a shower which stands out in all respects. Accessories like shower seats and shelves will enhance the appearance of your bathroom and also offer various capabilities.   It is a sound investment which will help you enjoy each and every minute under the shower.

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Use eco friendly products for a healthier home

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A number of people complain of dizziness, breathlessness and general uneasiness while using a cleaning solvent. One of the primary causes for this could be due to the harmful chemicals that are present in cleaning solutions used by you. Apart from such short term effects, harmful chemicals in traditional cleaning solutions are known to cause serious conditions such as cancer.

Ammonia, Chlorine Bleach, Phosphates and Sodium Hydroxide are some of the chemicals that are found in cleaning solutions. These chemicals are not only harmful to humans, but cause severe damage to the environment as well. It is for this reason that you are recommended to use eco friendly cleaning solutions instead of traditional ones that contain harmful chemicals.

A number of eco friendly solutions are available in the market these days; however, it is important to carefully analyze their constituents in order to be sure of their eco friendly nature. A few things that you should consider while selecting an eco friendly cleaning solution include their pH levels, level of solvents and their biodegradable nature. Cleaning solutions that have pH levels of either more than 7 or less than 7 are considered to be highly corrosive; therefore, you should look  for a cleaning solution that has a neutral pH level. Solvents such as PGEs (Propylene Glycol Ethers) and EGEs (Ethylene glycol ethers) are also considered to be harmful and should be avoided in a cleaning solution. Finally, it is important to consider the biodegradable nature of your cleaning solution to ensure that it does not harm the environment.

Eco-friendly, Environmentally friendly flooring, go green, Green cleaning products

Use of eco friendly cleaning solutions will benefit you & your family by reducing the risk of allergies as well as  toxins. Children and the elderly are generally more prone to allergies that are caused by chemicals found in cleaning solutions. Bleaches, phosphates and perfumes found in most cleaning agents are known to cause severe allergies. It is important to realize this correlation between allergies and such chemicals, and to reduce the use of these harmful chemicals by purchasing eco friendly cleaning solutions.

Most of the traditional cleaning solutions contain toxins that can cause severe conditions such as cancer and respiratory problems. Such solutions, when sprayed or applied to the surface, pose a risk of inhalation, and severe medical conditions in the future. In order to ensure that your house stays free of such toxins, an ideal solution is to phase out the use of traditional cleaning solutions and replace them with eco friendly ones.

Not only are eco friendly products safe for humans and for the environment, their eco friendly nature enhances their cleaning capacity. Such solutions contain effective alkaline formula to ensure that they are safe as well as effective to use on all kinds of stones and tiles. With the numerous benefits of green cleaning solutions becoming apparent, more & more people are opting for the green way of cleaning their house. You too can eliminate the source of toxins and allergens in your house by replacing your traditional cleaning solvents with eco friendly ones.

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