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Properly maintain your eco friendly flooring

February 21, 2010

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Going the green way and adopting eco friendly products is not enough.  When we turn our homes into a green home and use eco friendly materials for our walls and floors it becomes our responsibility to maintain these products as well.  Maintaining eco friendly flooring is not such a tedious job as one might think.  In fact very traditional methods can be used for cleaning eco friendly flooring.  Moreover,  many companies have launched floor cleaning and polishing products which are eco friendly in nature and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Hardwood flooring can be cleaned quite effectively by using products like ’Wow hardwood floor cleaners’, which are non-toxic, water based environment friendly floor cleaners, suitable for all types of hardwood and even laminates. These are ready to use products and easily remove stains, dirt, spills, oil, and footprints and even leave a soothing and refreshing scent. Many companies have also come out with eco friendly floor waxes which help to maintain the shine of wood and at the same time do not compromise on health and indoor environment.  You can even just sweep cork and bamboo floors everyday or mop occasionally with water.

Cleaning ceramic or glass tiles is also not at all problematic and can be cleaned with a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. There is no need for a floor finish which can contain hazardous chemicals. ‘511 Spray on Grout Sealer’ is an innovative, fast and easy solution which seals tile grout and creates an invisible barrier that protects the tiles from dirt, oil, spills etc. This is a non-toxic, recyclable and transparent product which can be used on ceramic tiles, glass & porcelain tiles, marble, granite & stones and provides a long lasting flooring solution.  A better option is to purchase a complete tile and grout care kit from Black Diamond Stone works’, which contains a ‘Grout Sealer’, ‘Ultimate Grout Cleaner’ and a ‘Marble & Tile Cleaner concentrate’. These products are 100% biodegradable, safe and gentle on tiles and are perfect for regular use.

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Similar products related to stones and marbles are available which help to maintain the luster, color, longevity and durability of eco friendly stone flooring for years. Though stone floors can be easily washed or mopped, it is always advisable to keep a complete stone care kit at home. The ‘Glaze ‘n’ Seal’ Stone care kit is comprised of a stone cleaner concentrate, stone color enhancer and seal & a stone gloss. All the three products prevent damage to stone floors and can be used on a regular basis. EcoStone offers various stone and tile cleaners, color enhancers and Impregnators which are eco friendly, easy to use and cost effective.

As for recycled carpet or 100% woolen carpet flooring, it requires the same type of maintenance and cleaning as traditional carpet.  Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning and deep cleaning is required so that dust or grime does not set in.  Green products meant for cleaning eco friendly carpets are also available, though they might be a bit costly.

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