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Preformed shower pans: Freshness at its best

January 11, 2010

Did you always believe that a bathroom is only a place to have a shower? Well, you will be surprised to know that your bathroom can provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience which will make your senses completely fresh! The Preformed Ready to tile shower pans offer a very neat and clean appearance to your bathrooms and lend it an enchanting appearance! The ready to install Preformed shower pans will prove to be very convenient and lend a brand new appearance to your bathroom.

The Preformed shower pans are truly unique in the sense that they can be easily installed and offer a complete look. The Preformed shower pans are completely water proof and ready to tile. These pans are made from high density expanded Polystyrene, concrete backer board, Preformed mesh and a liquid waterproof membrane finish. The Preformed panels are very lightweight and hence perfect for this purpose.

The Preformed shower pans are also designed to be rot free and thus do not degrade easily. These pans generally come with an integrated side splash which make them completely waterproof. The Preformed shower pans can be easily set using thin material while other tiles generally require epoxy material. The Preformed shower pans are also certified NTA and have also cleared the Robinson floor test.

Along with Preformed shower pans, other accessories can have various implications on your various flooring activities. For instance, the Sun Touch floor heating systems ensure that your interiors are sun kissed and completely warm! The radiant sun heating systems offer a complete solution for interior heating thus decreasing your dependence on artificial sources of energy.

Flooring is not restricted to your bathrooms and living rooms but also attempts to lend your kitchen a neat and clean appearance. Using the perfect tiles in the kitchen can make your work easier and also provide a sophisticated appearance to your kitchen. Flooring products have also embraced technology and offer exciting gadgets like Loud Mouth Monitor which ensures safety by eliminating loose wires.

Flooring Supply Shop offers Preformed shower pans. The company also provide various products like shower pans and radiant floor heating solutions which are important for the purpose of flooring. The website provides complete information about the company.

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