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Eco Green Stone Care Guide for natural Stone Surfaces

January 7, 2010

Eco Green Stone Care Guide

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A common concern many people have when purchasing natural stone is maintenance. EcoStone Solutions can solve these problems with our easy to use Environmentally Friendly Product. Stone Care maintenance should not be a concern as it generally requires the same amount of care as any other floor or countertop surface.You need to perform preventative maintenance on all your stone surfaces because an ounce of prevention is much easier than a restoration project, and much less expensive.


Granite has become the most popular decorative surface in the kitchen. Granite is an attractive and durable natural material but is susceptible to staining as it ranges from slightly porous to very porous. To protect all granite surfaces from staining, we recommend our Granito Impregnator. When applied properly, Granito does not leave a surface coating that could affect food preparation and it will not change the natural appearance of the granite. For routine cleaning, we recommend Kleen Stone Plus, which is safe enough to use daily on granite, tile and other countertop masonry surfaces.

Floors Typically we find travertine, marble or limestone used on our floors. The accumulation of dirt and grit can damage these natural stone surfaces. To minimize wear, sweep or dust surfaces frequently and use mats at all entrances and under areas subject to high traffic conditions. Because the porosity of these flooring materials can lead to staining, we recommend you protect these surfaces with our Travertino & Marmo Impregnator. After the floors are swept or dust mopped, use diluted Kleen Stone to damp mop these surfaces to return them to their natural attractive appearance.


Marble and granite attract soap scum, just like ceramic and porcelain tile. Keep a squeegee available for shower walls, and clean all stone surfaces regularly with Kleen Stone Plus to keep them protected. Use Basic Impregnator in showers to protect against staining.


Ceramic and porcelain tile generally do not need to be protected, but the grout does. Protect with Basic Impregnator, which is easy to use, and cost effective. When your grout needs a thorough cleaning, use Big Time Grout Cleaner. Maintain with Kleen Stone or Kleen Stone Plus for additional protection.

Do’s and Don’ts of Stone and Tile Care

  1. Do use preventive cleaning measures to keep your stone in pristine condition.
  2. Do use eco-preferred impregnators from EcoStone Solutions to protect all your stone, tile, and grout.
  3. Do blot up spills quickly, especially on marble, travertine and limestone, and rinse immediately.
  4. Don’t use any acidic cleaners on marble, limestone, or travertine.
  5. Don’t use harsh cleaners on any natural stone.
  6. Do visit our website for maintenance instructions.
  7. Don’t fear the maintenance of natural stone.
  8. Do enjoy your stone and the added value it offers to your home over other surfaces.

Product Selection Guide

Granite & Limestone

  • Restoration Cleaner- Powerful Stone and Tile Cleaner
  • Daily Cleaner- Kleen Stone Plus™
  • Protect- Glaze n Seal Impregnator

Travertine & Marble

  • Restoration Cleaner- Powerful Stone and Tile Cleaner
  • Daily Cleaner- Kleen Stone Plus or Kleen Stone
  • Protect- Travertino and Marmo Impregnator™
  • Appearance Enhancement – Enhance & Protect™

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

  • Restoration Cleaner and Descaler- Big Time Grout Cleaner™
  • Daily Cleaner- Kleen Stone™ or Glaze n Seal
  • Protect- Basic Impregnator™
  • Outdoor StoneRestoration Cleaner- Powerful Stone and Tile Cleaner™
  • Protect- Basic Impregnator
  • Efflorescence Removal for Non-Polished Surfaces- Big Time Grout Cleaner
  • Granito Impregnator™

Protects all silicates such as Granite, Quartz, and Slate.

  • Travertino and Marmo Impregnator™ Protects all calcium carbonates such as Travertine, Marble, and Limestone.
  • Basic Impregnator™Protector for exterior surfaces, grout, showers. Use also as a grout release for new installations.
  • Stone Enhancer™Protects and enriches the natural appearance of stone.
  • Kleen Stone Plus™Neutral daily cleaner with added protection for your stone and tile. Great for countertops, vanities, showers.
  • Kleen Stone™Neutral daily cleaner. Economical. Best for floors.
  • Powerful Stone and Tile Cleaner™Concentrated deep cleaner for all stone and tile. Incredible results!
  • Big Time Grout Cleaner™Concentrated cerami

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