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Alpha Contour

Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone

Alpha Eclipse II 5" General Purpose Diamond Blade

The Alpha® Contour Blade features blade design specifically developed for cutting granite sinkholes.
The Alpha® Contour Blade also works very well on all curved cutting applications for engineered stone and harder types of marble. The special design incorporates direct sintered diamond segments on both sides of the steel core, as well as, on the peripheral cutting edge. This allows the blade to cut the curved area cleanly, accurately and safely while allowing a wider kerf, thus giving the blade easier cutting ability.
The diamond segment on the inside of the steel core prevents undercutting, which is a common problem with curve cutting applications.
Due to the excellent cutting ability and the wider kerf, there is a marked increase in maneuverability over that of a standard blade. This eliminates the need to perform difficult and time-consuming plunge cuts. The Alpha® Contour Blade can be used either wet or dry. It is versatile and fits on most common angle grinders.
The Alpha® Contour Blade is unique and very cost-effective. The capabilities and long life of the Alpha® Contour Blade makes it the best choice for any curve cutting application.

How to use

Attach the Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone blade onto your Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter. Use the third flange provided with the Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter when mounting the Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone onto this stone cutter to insure adequate clearance. (The Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone blade can also be mounted onto high-speed angle grinders).

Alpha® recommends the step-cutting process; a total of three passes should be used to cut 3cm (1-1/4") thickness material. On the first pass you need to score the material 1/8" from the drawn template hole making sure you are scoring inside the template hole. On the second pass you should cut half-way through the material, and, on the third pass the blade should be cutting completely through the material.

Due to the manual operation, we recommend cutting 1/8" inside of mark of sink template to ensure good results.

Always refer to the operation manual of the power tool for correct mounting procedures.

Helpful Hints

• Do not force the blade to cut; allow the diamonds time to cut through the material. Slower cutting helps eliminate chipping on the cut edge.
• Use of water will prolong the life of your dry cutting blade as well as keep harmful dust (Silica) out of the air.
• Before you start using this product, we recommend practicing on scrap material to learn the necessary techniques required for the curve cutting application. This practice will make your cutting safer and enable successful results.
• Use the side handle attachment on the Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter for better stability when using this tool for curve cutting applications.
• Due to the manual operation, we recommend cutting 1/8" inside of mark to ensure good results.
• We recommend the step cutting method to prolong the life of the diamond blade.
• When you attempt tight corners, you must take the time to grind a wider kerf to make enough clearance for the blade.
• We recommend using the Alpha® Profiler Z-Series after you cut a sink hole using the Alpha® AWS-125 Stone Cutter. The curve cutting application leaves a curved cut surface from the design of the contour blade. The Profilers Z will clean up this leftover material to create a perfect 90 degree surface.
• To avoid dropping the cut-out on your feet, always secure the projected cut-out area before starting cutting operation.
• Use flanges and adapters which are specifically made for your power tool.
• Do not use Alpha® Contour blades on high-speed angle grinders without the safety guard installed.
• Always wear personal safety equipment when using Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone.

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Maximum RPM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials can be cut using the Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone?

This blade is designed for cutting all types of granites and all brands of engineered stone.

The Alpha Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone is a dry cutting blade, can I use this blade for wet application?

Yes. Alpha® highly recommends using this blade for wet cutting together with our AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter. Wet cutting will generally increase blade life and will keep harmful dust (Silica) out of the air.

What sizes are available for the Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone blade?

The blades are available in 4", 4-1/2", 5" and 6" diameters.

Which diameter should I choose to cut 1-1/4" slabs?

The 4" and 4-1/2" diameter blades are designed to cut 3/4" slabs and the 5" diameter to cut 1-1/4" slabs.

What is the 6" blade used for?

This blade is intended to be used on CNC machinery which have cutting heads; however; you can also use the 6" diameter blade on 6" and 7" angle grinders.

What is the purpose of the side protection segments on both sides of the blade?

These segments assist the blades cutting ability to cut curved areas cleanly as well as grind away material to make a wider kerf, allowing the blade to make tighter radiuses. They also prevent undercutting.

Can I use the Alpha® Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone for cutting Marble or Porcelain slab material?

No. The Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone blade is only intended for use on the material for which was designed.
Using this blade for cutting marble or porcelain slab material may result in a shorter life or chipping on the material. Alpha® recommends using our Contour for Marble blade for cutting all types of marbles and the Contour for Porcelain blade for cutting porcelain slabs; both of these blades are well suited to cut the materials with a long life and minimal chipping.

What is the maximum RPM these blades should be used at?

See chart on above for details; however, these blades should not be used at an RPM lower than 9,000.

Can I plunge cut using this blade attached onto the Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter?

Yes. When the Contour for Granite/Engineered Stone blade is mounted on the Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, you can plunge cut with excellent control, since you can place the base of the stone cutter on the material to give you better stability.

Best Seller for Sinkhole Application; Fits on CNC Router with Cutting Head

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