Raimondi CUTTING-UNIT BOX with plunge cut For FREE-CUT TC5LF

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Raimondi CUTTING-UNIT BOX with plunge cut For FREE-CUT TC5LF & TC10LF (TCGBLF)

To cut large tile/slabs (without grinder)

Raimondi 90 degree Cutting Box Unit

Provided with: Cutting Unit Box equipped with 4 Bearings to glide on the rail, and a vacuum connection

To cut large tile/slab with grinder, use on TC5LF guide for cutting length of 5' 7", or TC10LF (TC5LF + TC5LFEXT) for cutting length of 11' 2". (or 14' W TC6LF)

Box equipped with vacuum connection


  • For any particularly problematic cuts, avoiding any risk of breakage of the tiles.
  • To be mounted on cutting guides FREE-CUT for performing 90° cuts.
  • Tilting movement (plunge cut) to adjust the depth of cut and to make cuts in multiple passes as well as to perform cut in the middle of the slab, square and rectangular holes.
  • Depth of cut: 1" with disc Ø 6" 3/8" with disc Ø 5".
  • Equipped with semi-universal attachment: compatible with the most popular brands and models of angle grinders.
  • Dry cut with diamond blade.
  • Provided with clutch hose for dust extraction.
  • Disc Ø: min 5" max 6". Dry use only.
  • Available both with or without angle grinder (version with angle grinder includes Ø 6" continuous rim dry use diamond disc).



  • Model: TCGBLF


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